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C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  C O N T E N T 

From newsletters, feature stories and brochures, communications plans and more, I have learned all of these thing and more through practical experience in this program.

Communications Plan-Independent Living Nova Scotia

This was a large project for school. As a group we needed to find a community client, and figure out where their current needs were and what direction they wanted to go in. 

Comms Plan-1 (dragged).tiff
Brochure (dragged).jpeg

Brochure-SMB Counselling

This was an assignment for school which then was used professionally. We needed to find a community client and make a general brochure for their business.

News on the Waterfront- Dr. Strang Interview

This is one of our larger projects for school. Individually, we had to find someone to interview, take some photos, and put everything together through the layout. I reached out to Dr. Strang weeks earlier and was surprised when I received an accepted invitation. 

NOW design and layout new_converted-1 (dragged).tiff
Writing Sample-Profile story -1 (dragged).tiff

Profile Story- Rosa Rugosa

This was an assignment for school. I had to find an individual willing to participate and focus on one aspect of their lives, and interview them about it. Then I had to write the story.

Feature Story-The Sutton Place

This was a school assignment. I had to find a place of work to use, and interview a few people from that organization. 

Feature Story-1 (dragged).tiff
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