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Callie MacDonald- Classmate

Kaitlyn is a very strong leader in all aspects of her life. I only meet Kaitlyn at the beginning of the program, but we grew very close due to out similar beliefs and values. I have worked with her in many group and partner projects throughout the program, and she is always ensuring things stay organized and keep to the set timeline. She is always open to offering solid feedback and advice to all around her. Kaitlyn is a very efficient communicator and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She does well at keeping things clear and concise and wastes no time. I have found her to be dependable, honest, and reliable at all times.  She is an all-around great person, anybody would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kaitlyn. 

Colleen Fiske-Pinaud: Mentor

It has been a true pleasure to get to know Kaitlyn as her mentor through the NSCC PR program. When I first met Kaitlyn, I was immediately drawn to her personality, her enthusiasm and her eagerness to learn about pursuing a career in public relations. Kaitlyn is a strong and confident communicator who can effectively and efficiently convey her message to her audience. Her attention to detail and exceptional organizational and planning skills are what set her apart from the rest. Her work ethic and willingness to learn and apply ideas and concepts are what make her a leader. It has been a pleasure to advise Kaitlyn throughout the NSCC program and I look forward to watching her future success.

Donna Gunn- Previous Employer

Kaitlyn was employed to take for of my twins starting at age 8 months. Additionally, she cared for my niece of the same age. We were fortunate to have her for a year and I still miss her every day! The best thing about Kaitlyn, besides her incredible care of my babies, was the fact that I did not have to manage her - she simply did the job. I gave her the parameters of what I needed - i.e., nap times, when they eat, how I care for them, etc. and she did the rest. She worked out a schedule, kept them entertained, made sure they napped, figured out food and additionally left the house and the kids clean and tidy. Her work ethic and organizational skills in managing 3 babies plus household chores were beyond my expectations. In my role as a principal at CPA Canada, I manage the work of a significant number of professionals. Given the opportunity, I would hire Kaitlyn in a heartbeat. 

Samantha Pyke- Classmate

Kaitlyn is a very efficient communicator who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I have worked with Kaitlyn on several projects and have always enjoyed working with her. Kaitlyn thrives in a fast paced environment; she likes to get things done and waste no time. She is always encouraging, patient and easy to get along with. She is very dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile for her group members and clients, she would be great asset to any team. 

Roberta McCracken- Employer

Kaitlyn has been employed at our childcare centre in the capacity of a substitute Early Childhood Educator since July 2017 to present. She is relied on supporting our childcare centre when her academic studies are not scheduled and has been a constant support within our centre for the last few years.  

Kaitlyn is a compassionate individual, genuine in her relationships with children, colleagues and families and responsive in her professional practices. Kaitlyn has strong connections with families, is admirable in her skill development and instills a sense of community overall.

Kaitlyn is a reliable, punctual and a dedicated team player. She is a strong advocate for herself, her colleagues and the children. Kaitlyn has great time management skills and is a self starter.   

Jennifer Banks- Employer

Kaitlyn was an absolute lifesaver, and I don't know what I would have done without her and her expertise!  From the beginning, she has been a pleasure to work with and has incredible work ethic, integrity, and skill. As a business owner, I am grateful to have found someone that listens and was able to pinpoint what type of graphics and campaign I was looking for. She does outstanding work and is consistently on time with it!

Sacha Russo- Classmate

Kaitlyn is an incredibly driven, dedicated and reliable individual. Her strong work ethic, paired with her compassion for others makes Kaitlyn an ideal team member. She is an excellent communicator, especially in group settings. Being in such a group-work heavy public relations program, Kaitlyn’s down-to-earth approach paved the way for successful projects. It does not take long to see that Kaitlyn is a very kind, hardworking and considerate team member. Kaitlyn is a great person both personally and professionally and anyone would be lucky to work with her!

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