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W o r k  P h i l o s o p h y

A supportive workplace is essential- one that fosters great communication and healthy relationships. Having the ability to communicate in a constructive manner with coworkers and managers, in a mutually supportive way, is incredibly important to me. 

I work well independently and appreciate a trusting environment. I’m not afraid to ask questions or ask for help when needed. Feeling supported and knowing I have the ability to ask for help in a judgement free environment is something I seek for in a workplace. 

I thrive in a fast-paced, positive environment. I bring a positive outlook to every group I’m in and working with those who share the same ideals is important. 

I value healthy relationships at work. I want to be comfortable and enjoy my time around my co-workers. As an outspoken, personable individual, I enjoy talking and getting to know others. Finding a workplace that appreciates that coworkers have lives outside of work is something I value. 

Obviously conflict may arise in a work environment. Having maturity and strong communication skills is a necessity and I appreciate that in managers and co-workers. Having policies and procedures in place to deal with workplace conflict is also important to me.

Having a supportive and trusting work environment is most important. It’s essential for me to feel comfortable in my surroundings while being supported in decision making and guided in a positive direction. 

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